Dr. Acula Slots

Let the spooky theme into your life with the Dr. Acula Slots by your side. This slot game is truly unique, offering hundreds of different ways to leave with your pockets full. Get to know the slot and see what it has to offer, you won’t regret finding out, at least. The slot is placed in a dark space, with stone walls covering the backdrop. There are candles on either side of the grid, lighting up everything so that you can see. The title of the slot is located at the top of the reels, and we can even spot the Draculas eyes peeking out from within. If this slot has already captivated you, then consider using it today and see where it takes you.

All of the important stuff to do with the Dr. Acula Slots

The Dr. Acula Slots has been introduced to us by Rival Gaming, who are well known software providers in the industry. These guys have scored sky high and are seriously taking it all or nothing. This slot has got 5 paylines and 3 reels, which are amazing figures to begin the journey with. As well as that, there’s an RTP already included. If you’re unfamiliar with the term of RTP, then it stands for the return to player rate. This is super vital if you’re trying to win big, and the Dr. Acula Slots knows what’s up. Here in the Dr. Acula Slots, it rests at 94.6%. This is a really good figure to be given, especially off the bat. As for the variance symbol, we are unaware of this. You will have to play the game to find out, won’t you?

The paytable is located at the bottom of the grid, so you can easily tell which symbols are worth the most. With these by your side, there’s no reason for you not to win big, so if that’s what you’re after inside here, then keep on playing and see what you can get from it.

Highest paying symbols included in the Dr. Acula Slots

There are so many symbols to try out inside here, such as the blood symbols, nurses, sevens, syringes, blood bags, test tubes, green sevens, purple sevens, test tubes and finally, the gold sevens. All of these are yours for the taking, so use them today and see where they take you.


The Dr. Acula Slots is a top choice for many players out there, and it’s easy to see why. Give it a spin now and see where you can take it, you’re going to love it.