Zombiezee Money Slots

Rival Gaming are on a roll with their slot games at the moment, and today we’re paying special attention to the Zombiezee Money Slots. If this is one of the slots that has been on your list for a while, then why don’t you play it today and see where it takes you? There are some really good things to get a hold of in here, such as the free spins and RTP rates. If you’re interested in learning about it as well as everything that it has to offer, then keep on reading. These reviews are based on the truth, and nothing but the truth, so you can rest assured everything here is what you need.

The Zombiezee Money Slots - General information

The Zombiezee Money Slots has been released by the Rival Gaming providers, who are pretty well known nowadays. The slot is a pretty old one, considering it came out in February of 2013. This is considered pretty long ago, but the fact that it’s still being played to this day says a lot, don’t you agree?

More things worth noting about this slot include the likes of the RTP rates, which stand for the return to player rates. This figure is definitely one of the most important ones out there, so you need to pay special attention to it while you can. Other things that are worth knowing about the Zombiezee Money Slots include the fact that there’s a low variance level. There’s also a maximum win of 1,000 included too, which is pretty nice to say the least. As well as all of that, there’s more. They’ve even included a minimum and maximum bet of 0.01, that goes all of the way up to 50. Play today or forever hold your silence. You won’t regret spending time with the Zombiezee Money Slots.

Key features worth trying out in the Zombiezee Money Slots

The Zombiezee Money Slots offers so many amazing features, and the main ones are the free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols and more. All of these are here for you to use, so play with them now and see where you can get yourself. There are so many opportunities waiting for you now, so use them today and see where you go.


The Zombiezee Money Slots is a fun and enticing slot game, full of amazing opportunities at the click of a few buttons. Why wouldn’t you give this one a go? There are so many amazing things waiting for you inside.