Wild Carnival Slots

When you think of the carnival, which slot game do you see? Today we’re exploring everything the Wild Carnival Slots has got to offer, so if this is one that you’re interested in learning about, then keep on reading here today. There are unique features included in here, such as free spins, but these are only the start of them. Read through this review quickly and efficiently if you wish to learn about everything included in the Wild Carnival Slots. You won’t regret choosing this one, so get used to it now and see what sort of stories you can create for yourself.

What is there to know before I begin with the Wild Carnival Slots?

The Wild Carnival Slots has been brought out by Rival Gaming. The graphics are clean, precise and a girly girl's dream; everything is colored using pink and pastels. It really is a pleasant slot to look at, so consider it here today and see what you make of it. Some of the other things that are key to know when discussing the Wild Carnival Slots is that it came out in November of 2012, so it has been around for at least a decade.

Other important things that are needed to know about the Wild Carnival Slots is that there’s a 5x3 grid, there are also 50 betways. These are good figures to be given straight off the bat, so well done to the team at the Wild Carnival Slots. What else is there to mention? Oh yes, there’s the RTP, which stands for the return to player rate, of 95%. This is a pleasant figure to rest at, to say the least, so another round of applause for the Wild Carnival Slots. Lastly, there’s the maximum win of 17,500 and the minimum and maximum bets. The minimum begins from 0.01 and goes all of the way up to 0.25.

Fantastic features included in your visit to the Wild Carnival Slots

The Wild Carnival Slots has got tons of good features, and these range from the free spins to the wilds. With attributes like these down your sleeve, you’re sure set for success. As for symbols, there are also the card suits, drums, and finally, carnival symbols to use.

The Wild Carnival Slots is fun and entertaining, so try it out today and see where it takes you. You won’t turn your back on the Wild Carnival Slots, not now, not ever.